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After they receive an extravagant invitation to Masami's birthday party, Gumball and Darwin are anxious to find just the right gift for her; they're not the only ones: it turns out every kid in Elmore is competing to get Masami the perfect present.
Gumball decides that the best way to prove to Mr. Fitzgerald that he's good enough for Penny is to become his apprentice for the day.
Gumball, Darwin and Anais are delighted when Grandpa Louie gives them a check for $5000.
Gumball and Darwin try to teach Anais how to resolve the problem peacefully.
Gumball tries to prove that he is not predictable.
When Mom and Dad struggle to keep hyperactive, toddler-aged Gumball from trashing the house and exhausting them, they decide to buy him a pet.
The Bears and Squatter Otter crash a couple's swanky pad while they're out of town.
When Rob purchases a universal remote from the Awesome Store, he discovers he can control the entire universe; he rewinds into the past and remembers Gumball had left him.
Hoping to "brighten her day," Izzy and Owen pimp out Gwen's egg chair; when it ends up in a museum run by angry chickens, they must retrieve it before Gwen destroys the day care in a temper tantrum of unspeakable darkness.
When a severe screen addiction turns the kids into lazy deadbeats, Chef brings in a professional to whip them into shape.
Chef accidentally cooks up a killer cyborg turkey in a failed attempt to get the kids to appreciate him on Appreciation Day.
It's International Cousins Day and Owen and Gwen are dreading the fact that their cousins Max and Ella are spending the day with them; soon, everyone else will understand why.
Craig enters a dangerous staring contest, hoping to win another one of Kenneth's Cubes.
There's a thief in the Creek, and Silver Fist is the only one who can stop them.
The Witches of the Creek use their mystical powers to give Craig and his friends a glimpse into the future.
Craig visits his cousin, Bryson, and they go on a quest through the streets of New Jersey.
The Titans release a small marshmallow ducky that the Easter Bunny had locked up, not knowing the danger they have unleashed.
In order to quickly get through their chores and karate lessons, the Titans learn how to montage.
Thinking it's a way to reconnect with her father, Raven enters a beauty pageant.
Looking to motivate them, Robin tells the Titans to solve some crimes or they're fired.
When Gumball develops a bizarre stutter, he unintentionally offends Darwin.
When Jamie decides she needs to have a sweetheart, she targets Darwin as the best candidate.
Gumball and Darwin read Anais' diary and discover her relationship with a new friend is one-sided.
The people of Elmore search for the meaning of love.
2013 - Family, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Mystery
Movie: Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright - 2013
Fred and Daphne compete on a hit TV show, broadcast from an opera house with a dark history. After they reach the finals, a vengeful phantom curses the show, and the Mystery Inc. team investigates as the show goes on.
Dale protests against a smoking ban in Arlen by going from bar to bar disguised as the smoking bandit.
When meteorologist Irv Bennett (Brendan Fraser) replaces Nancy, she goes to extreme lengths to prove her worth and remain an integral part of the news team.
Hank encourages Bobby to join the track team, but the coach uses Bobby to motivate the better runners.
Bill joins an all-male chorus, and the guys try to be supportive, until he begins missing work because of his new hobby.
The Smiths get drunk at Roger's Mardi Gras party and make a pact with Bullock; Roger tries to find the person who left a pastie in the attic.
Francine regrets deciding to teach Roger the value of hard work; Steve interviews Stan for a school project.
When Francine invites Stan's father to a party, a dark secret about the Smith family's past is revealed.
Haters gonna hate.
Izuku talks with the past wielders of One For All.
Izuku fights Muscular again, using all his quirks.
A soup themed battle royale between chefs is about to begin.
Luffy battles Monet and Trafalgar Law clashes with Vergo.
With the exception of Naruto's Team 7, all other shinobi have been swept into a dream world by the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Spear, Fang and Mira lead a daring escape from the Colossaeus, and the queen is bent on their destruction.
After insulting a superfan, Flypp is ordered to complete Crayzar's new sensitivity training program.
The Leptons discover Leto has a flair for the culinary arts and pressure him into becoming a contestant in Crayzar's cooking competition.
Superjail becomes hell on Earth.
When the warden bans smoking, there is a deadly race for the final pack of cigarettes.
Leela discovers a secret genetic engineering facility after a rare condition causes her to grow tentacles.
The crew seeks the meaning of a strange alien melody by taking a journey into Fry's dreams.
On a guys weekend at the beach, Hank goes overboard to prove he is not uptight.
Hank ropes Bobby into picking up a paper route when he finds out the newspaper is hiring local children.
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