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Sparks' crew searches for two schoolmates who are hiding somewhere in Citytown; the kids are surprised to see their teacher outside of school.
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Prunella sets up a fortune teller booth at the Elwood City picnic; Francine gives up her post on the soccer team when other players complain about her bossy behavior.
Olympia and Otis must call a truce between feuding guests; Ms. O turns headquarters over to an unlikely crew.
Martin and Chris spot a hermit crab on the beach.
Alma, Eddie and Junior play a late-night game with Steggie; Alma decides she wants to play piano.
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George can't wait to romp outside with Hundley and makes him a doghouse in the yard; George receives an invitation to Betsy's birthday party and learns how to tell time.
Trini offers to puppy-sit Tooey's newest sled dog, Khi, but ends up teaching him some bad habits; Molly makes a book about female pilots.
Pinkalicious and Peter try to figure out how to rid their house of swarming Flutterbugs; Pinkalicious and Peter attract the fairy Bellerina when they play their handbells.
Daisy helps her friend Petunia build a city garden; the Agents of the Great Outdoors are on a mission to find out if animals communicate.
Elinor and her friends investigate the purpose of smell; Elinor is excited to explore with Camilla Dromedary, but Camilla is more interested in playing dress up.
Tamir wants to open a garden stand to share what they grow; Alan shares his grandmother's pickled daikon recipe; Alan's proud of his heritage and happy to be sharing his family's culture.
Isaac Newton shows Xavier that when it comes to solving something tricky, it's best to slow down and think through the problem; Golda Meir shows Yadina that she should tell people when there's a big problem, so it can be solved together.
Panda hopes to find a quiet way to show his love for the moon moths; Donkey helps Panda fix his spaceship.
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Rosie tries to make tomorrow come faster so she can go to the Dino Park; Rosie looks for her missing walkie talkies.
Chrissie encourages Daniel to ride a horse; Margaret gets scared when fireflies crash the family picnic.
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Measuring helps the Wombats make a new hat for Ellie; the Wombats clean up a big mess.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci reflects on his life and career as a public health advocate and how he grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic.
An investigative report into the sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein and the efforts made to silence his accusers.
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