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Sparks' Crew chases a giant ball through the city, learning that pushing an object can start or stop its movement; Sparks' Crew searches for AJ's backpack after it floats away in a lake.
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Buster is crushed when his favorite show gets canceled for false reporting; a pup named Carrot Cake doesn't like Arthur.
Olive and Otto investigate why parts of the town turn snowy and cold during the summer; Olive and Otto question two suspects.
Martin and Chris take over for an injured monkey.
Alma invites her friends to a Sonny Soto concert; Alma discovers that bearded dragons are not as scary as she thought.
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It's New Year's Eve and George is so excited he can't sleep, so he tries to count sheep to get some sleep; George has chewing gum in his hair and gets glued to some flowers.
Molly faces big obstacles while training for a cross-country ski race; Molly and her family lose their lunch when a seal sneaks onto their boat and steals their food during a fishing trip.
Pinkalicious and Peter's babysitter, Indigo, teaches them how to walk on stilts; Pinkalicious and her friends make a mandala out of shells at the beach.
The gang searches for the Leaf Fairy; Nature Cat's waterskiing stunts are interrupted by a swarm of bugs.
The kids make their own instruments so they can participate in Senor Tapir's concert; when Elinor's dad falls asleep during a campout, the kids use flashlights to communicate to each other.
Elmo, Tamir, and Alan build a robot dog for Norbert the Robot, but the tail isn't upright like Tango's tail, so they use a wooden paint brush and wrap it with shiny foil.
Lou Gehrig helps the gang focus on the good stuff rather than moping about a few bad breaks; Marie Owens shows Xavier, Yadina and Brad how to solve problems in a positive way.
Captain Donkey and her crew search for the Ruby Red Tater Treasure; Panda finds his favorite hoodie, but it no longer fits.
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Rosie tries to make tomorrow come faster so she can go to the Dino Park; Rosie looks for her missing walkie talkies.
Daniel is excited for the Spring Sing at school, but is a bit hesitant when he finds out there will be a substitute teaching the routine to the students.
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Zeke volunteers to help Mr. E for the day; the Wombats are excited to race in the Treeborhood Derby.
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A panel of journalists provides reporting and analysis of the major stories emanating from the United States capital.
Margaret Hoover leads interviews and debates.
Celebrating contemporary masters of quilting and the role quilts play in America's history; featuring Susan Hudson, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Michael A. Cummings, Judith Content, the International Quilt Museum and special guest Ken Burns.
Artists challenge the accepted norms of gender, race, education, culture, and place, offering a truer expression of their experiences; featuring Diego Romero, Cara Romero, Wendy Maruyama and Cristina Cordova.
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