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When a toy train is ruined, the crew sets out to learn more about the landforms that make up City Town so they can build a replica; AJ's new gadget switches everyone's powers.
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Arthur's ant project goes awry; Muffy starts an advice column, but the kids choose to go to a mystery advice-giver instead.
When the ball pit starts to overflow, Odd Squad must stop headquarters from being destroyed; two of Ms. O's assistants accidentally find themselves on a mission.
Sloth bears have unique powers, including the ability to harness the power of suction to acquire food.
Alma helps Mr. Ramirez figure out what to do when he lets too many cats into his shoe shop; Alma tries to convince Howard to play stickball.
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Professor Wiseman gets ready to launch her bird migration tracking device; George and Allie help Howie the Hog train for the state fair.
Molly and her friends compete in a contest to predict when the river ice will break; the kids find some mysterious trash during a village cleanup.
Pinkalicious hosts a Princess of Pink slumber party; Pinkalicious puppy-sits Pinky, but the nervous poodle is afraid to come out of her shell.
On a trip to Barrel Cactus National Park, Nature Cat and his pals encounter Shelby, a very sad desert tortoise; as Daisy, Hal and Squeeks are having a blast making shadow puppets, Nature Cat sits in a tree.
While painting outdoors, Elinor and her class experiment with natural items that they find after they run out of paint; Elinor, Ari and Olive help Mrs. Hippo pick up litter.
Bug Scouts Elmo, Abby, and Cookie Monster want to help Artie the Ant carry a heavy crumb; they try pushing the crumb, but it's too heavy to move, so they try to break it into smaller pieces.
Mary Leaky helps Xavier develop a strategy for a difficult scavenger hunt -- slow down and look around; Alexander Hamilton helps Yadina realize that starting first grade is an exciting adventure.
Donkey opens a potato stand so she can share her potatoes with her neighbors; Donkey surprises Clyde with a playdate in the sky.
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Rosie and Javi learn how people did things before there was electricity after a storm causes a power outage; Rosie learns to use tools from nature during a family camping trip.
Daniel visits the post office and learns how letters are sorted and mailed, then sends a letter to Dad; Daniel and Dad Tiger surprise Mom with banana bread.
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The Wombats track down a scary-weird sound that has frightened Carly, CeCe and Clyde; the Wombats become \"Hopping Helpers\" for a day.
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Francis Sommer astronomical regulator clock; 1899 Oscar Wilde manuscript poem; a 1960 René Portocarrero Catedral oil.
An 1890 Frederic Remington watercolor; a 1970 Jimi Hendrix collection; an 1879 James A.M. Whistler \"The Palaces\" etching.
The history of the all Black army regiments, aka buffalo soldiers, formed after the Civil War and the roles they played in the settling of the American West.
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