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AJ builds a gadget to help people understand Fur Blur's squeaks, but it misfires and makes people squeak instead of talk; Sparks Crew wants a theme song.
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The Tibble twins promise to tell the truth; Binky and Brain's friendship may be over.
Olive goes under cover in a rock-paper-scissors game.
Martin and Chris are hanging out in China with their giant panda friend Stuffo, when they receive reports of snowy owls showing up all over North America.
Alma and her family travel to Puerto Rico to visit Papi's family; Alma wants to find the perfect gift for her great-grandmother's 100th birthday.
George's big day at the amusement park is ruined when he realizes he lost his pirate toy; Bill wants to teach George how to play hockey.
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Pinkalicious and Peter decide to put on their own show after Jonah Rose's concert sells out; Pinkalicious writes a catchy song.
Nature Cat and the gang meet a porcupine; Nature Cat fears his friends and other creatures have the furry flu.
Elinor and her friends try to make their race car go faster by changing its shape; the substitute teacher has trouble telling the Goat twins apart.
Everyone is making a painting to hang in Sesame Street's art museum; Rudy wants to paint a rainbow, but he can't make the perfect purple, so he mixes the red and blue paint a little bit at a time.
Wilma Rudolph encourages Xavier to stay with track and field even though he thinks he should quit; Jonas Salk explains that you don't need a reward for doing a good deed.
Donkey is disappointed to miss Cheesy Con after she hurts her hoof; Stanley's pals help him get things back on track for his one-dragon show.
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Rosie and Javi make a chalk town in the circle drive, but run into trouble when others want to use the space, too; Rosie tries to fix the community garden herself.
Teacher Daniel plays school but his student, Baby Margaret, just won't cooperate; Daniel, Prince Wednesday and Chrissie play at the castle, but they just can't agree on what to play.
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Zadie tries to help Zeke overcome his fear of riding a two-wheeler; the Wombats design a gift for baby fish.
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Installing a granite veneer water table; installing the old roof boards on the ceiling of the new ell; building a dry laid stone wall; plumbing manifold; a carpenter talks about leaving his corporate job.
Replicating spiral-detailed spindles for a Queen Anne Row staircase in a 1900s Queen Anne Rowhouse.
A look at how the telescope was invented, from Galileo to Edwin Hubble, and how the invention reaches the universe 13 billion light-years out.
A look at inventions that gave humans the ability to fly, from Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines to modern commercial planes.
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