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The heroes embark on a mission with Branchman to plan a solution to use less paper; the crew tries to track down a chicken on the loose.
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Brain, D.W. and Bud explore the innerworkings of the brain; Brain may finally see a meteor shower.
Olive and Otto must stop a villain who has turned townspeople and Odd Squad agents invisible; "Moustache Confidential" - When Agent Obfusco's moustache is stolen, it's up to Olive and Otto to get it back.
Martin and Chris help a stranded koala.
Lucas gets cold feet before open mic night; Alma helps for the wrong reasons.
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George tries to reassemble Lake Wannasink's 100-year-old flag after the stripes blow away; George, Steve and Betsy play a make-believe adventure with George's toys.
Tooey worries that one of the sled dogs, Cali, doesn't feel well; Tooey is able to choose one of Cali's puppies to keep and train as a sled dog.
While camping, Daddy tells the story of Pinkfoot -- a creature with seven toes on her giant feet; Pinkalicious and Peter try to cheer up a mossling named Flossie.
Daisy and Hal want to join Squeeks to look for a spooky creature that looks like a snake but swims in the river; Nature Cat competes against Ronald in the Neighborhood Rock-Skipping Championship of the World.
While observing butterflies and caterpillars, the kids realize they've never seen a baby butterfly; Elinor, Ari and Olive put on a circus for their friends.
When Chris sprains his ankle, Zoe, Gabrielle, and Rosita use a rope and pulley to bring him his lunch, but the rope slips off the lunch bag; they try different ways to deliver the food.
Brad gives up on hide-and-seek until Kate Warne helps him figure out how to play the game better; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle helps Xavier decide what to get the new girl in class for her birthday.
Donkey and Panda have different ideas about how to celebrate Best Friends Day; while getting ready to make big art, the pals get stuck to a big glue bottle.
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Rosie tries to send Abuela a birthday party in the mail; Rosie tries to send Gatita in the mail.
Grandpere Tiger visits; Daniel can't decide what he wants to write on his thank you note.
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Zadie helps Malik design a faster route to bring ice cream to a sick Sammy; Zadie tries to host a fun campout.
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Rebecca Hall and Lee Daniels research their family histories.
Eyewitness accounts of the 1992 FBI siege at Ruby Ridge include the daughter of Randy Weaver, the man arrested following a standoff with police, and the federal agents on the scene.
An investigation into the decades of legal maneuvering, political influence, lax regulation and industry opposition to measures that could save lives with regard to truck accidents.
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