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Mr. Sparks receives the "Hero Teacher of the Year" award; Invisigirl makes a cake invisible -- and then can't find it.
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Sue Ellen learns that math is a valuable tool for everyday life; Sue Ellen wants to meet her pen pal.
Number villains work against the Odd Squad; villains determine how to defeat the Odd Squad.
While investigating exoskeletons, the hercules beetle accidentally gets enlarged.
Alma finds a way for everyone to get books while the library is under renovation; Alma finds a doll in the park.
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While building sandcastles on the beach, George uses the Man with the Yellow Hat's hat as a bucket, but the waves take the hat out to sea; George helps Hundley build his confidence to meet his role model by finding the perfect game for them to play.
Trini offers to puppy-sit Tooey's newest sled dog, Khi, but ends up teaching him some bad habits; Molly makes a book about female pilots.
Pinkalicious and Peter build a house to attract springtime fairies; Pinkalicious and Peter create a robot to help them clean their rooms, but they end up with a big mess.
Led by Squeeks, the gang is on their way to the grape patch because today the grapes will finally be ripe, and ready to eat; Ronald challenges Nature Cat and his friends to compete in the Glow Games.
Ari and Olive make Elinor's favorite snack, backyard soup, when she is stuck at home after hurting her foot; Elinor becomes fascinated with dandelions.
Elmo is mailing his first letter, but he's worried something will happen to it; he follows the mail carrier to the post office to see how everyone's mail gets sorted; Elmo learns that mail carriers are everyday heroes.
Xavier learns that he is a special person just the way he is after he has a playdate with Fred Rogers.
The pals find a box of Golden Crunchdoodles cereal; Donkey, Panda and Bob Dog want to play different things.
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Rosie finally gets the courage to go into the Fun House at the carnival, but then finds out she doesn't have enough tickets; Rosie goes to the pet store to get something for Crystal's new bunny.
Volunteer firefighters make a special visit to school; Daniel wants to pretend to be the daddy when he gets a new doll, but his friends want him to be Tige-y the Adventure Tiger instead.
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Zadie and Malik retrace their steps to locate Zeke's beloved stuffy Snout; JunJun's song helps Zadie fix Mr. E's shell garden.
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Transforming 37 acres of subtropical quarry into a subzero ski resort.
Engineers work to save historic Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard, which is falling victim to the ocean's erosion of the island's cliffs.
The building of an ultra-thin skyscraper in New York.
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