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After catching Melinda in several lies, Sam has second thoughts about their relationship.
Melinda is surprised by Sam's reaction when she tells him about her gift.
A young woman uses her abilities to communicate with the earthbound spirits of people who have died and need her help.
When Walter finally learns Cabe's secret about the Baghdad mission, the future of the team is threatened; Ralph puts his life in jeopardy to help the team.
When Walter's car ends up at the edge of a cliff, the fractured team must come together for their most important mission yet.
When a nuclear powered Russian satellite is knocked out of orbit, the new Director of Homeland Security reunites the team; Paige and Walter confront their feelings.
Greene shares final memories with his father; Hathaway receives flowers from a secret admirer; a 6-year-old car-accident victim says her father sexually abuses her.
Dr. Weaver goes on the warpath after she discovers several problems in the ER; Dr. Greene re-evaluates his priorities in the wake of his father's death.
Kovac and Benton clash over prioritizing care for a victim of a school shooting vs. a more seriously wounded gunman.
Dr. Carter struggles with his drug dependency; a custodial strike leaves the ER cluttered with garbage; a riot at a high-school football game leaves several wounded.
A young couple cope with their baby being premature; Greene and Corday struggle with their relationship.
Dr. Benton pays the price for challenging Dr. Romano; a recovering Dr. Carter performs restricted duties his first day back on the job.
Special Agent Pride and the team uncover a domestic drug ring -- led by Sonja's childhood friend, Marion Watkins (Samaire Armstrong), that is producing cocaine.
A Navy captain is murdered during an appearance on a local radio show; Pride's daughter comes home to talk about her plans for the future.
Agent Brody sees a connection between the case of a sailor struck by a party bus and the death of her sister; the team gets ready for the city's St. Patrick's Day celebrations.
After Pride's daughter is attacked on campus, the team finds a surveillance van loaded with pictures of the special agent's every move.
The team investigates when a Navy lieutenant is murdered during a traditional funeral procession in the French Quarter honoring the recently deceased.
When a Navy lieutenant dies during a secret visit to a general's hotel, agent Pride and the team are asked to break protocol for the investigation.
The team hunts a killer who is fatally shooting seemingly unrelated targets; new agent Tiffany Wallace experiences tension between her work as an FBI agent and the responsibility she feels to her community as a Black woman.
After a bomb leaves three people dead, the team presses a reluctant informant to gather information from his close friends who are under suspicion; OA and his girlfriend clash over where the informant's rights lie.
When a reporter is kidnapped and held without a ransom demand, the team must dig into her past relationships in order to pin down her assailant's motive; Isobel's relationship comes under fire when the case makes a connection to her boyfriend.
The team must track down two assailants who wear animal masks while committing armed robberies; Tiffany and Scola butt heads on whether or not to accept the local NYPD's offer to help in the investigation.
After a man is killed by an explosive package shipped to his home, the team attempts to capture the sender and intercept his latest deadly parcel; Maggie struggles to trust her younger sister.
Barry tries to break up Beverly's group of friends, which results in a turf war over the backyard; Adam's attempts to trick Murray into loving theater backfire.
Hoping to get the true spring break experience, Erica and Barry visit Pops in Florida; Adam gets a surprising reaction when he tells his parents the truth.
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