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Ghost Whisperer
Melinda's relationship with Sam is in limbo after she shares some devastating news about his identity with him.
Ghost Whisperer
A young woman uses her abilities to communicate with the earthbound spirits of people who have died and need her help.
Ghost Whisperer
Eli and Melinda help a ghost settle unfinished business with a mysterious woman (guest star Hilary Duff).
Ghost Whisperer
Melinda intervenes when a ghost wreaks havoc on the set of a soap opera; a miraculous turn in Melinda's life changes everything for her and Jim.
Ghost Whisperer
Melinda grows fond of a dollhouse that seems to be inhabited by ghosts in need.
The Bone Collector
1999 - Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime
Movie: The Bone Collector - 1999
A quadriplegic detective (Denzel Washington) and a patrol cop (Angelina Jolie) try to catch a killer re-creating grisly crimes.
The Pelican Brief
1993 - Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Action
Movie: The Pelican Brief - 1993
A Washington reporter (Denzel Washington) helps an on-the-run law student (Julia Roberts) who knows too much about a government cover-up.
The Fugitive
1993 - Drama, Action, Thriller
Movie: The Fugitive - 1993
A U.S. marshal (Tommy Lee Jones) hunts a doctor (Harrison Ford) on the run who was convicted of murdering his wife.
NCIS: New Orleans
Lasalle's brother, Cade, needs the team's help when he becomes a murder suspect -- and cannot remember what happened; Lasalle is determined to prove Cade's innocence, despite the wealth of evidence against him.
NCIS: New Orleans
Baitfish murders a person close to the team in order to send a message to Pride; a citywide hunt for the elusive criminal takes place.
NCIS: New Orleans
Pride has suspicions about a mole; new intelligence comes to light that indicates a breach at the ports.
NCIS: New Orleans
Pride and the team must go on a dangerous undercover mission to retrieve a stolen missile and prevent an attack.
NCIS: New Orleans
A blogger dedicated to exposing government corruption is murdered; during the investigation, it is revealed that a war crime may have occurred during a humanitarian effort in Bolivia.
NCIS: New Orleans
When a highly regarded Navy pilot is killed after crashing a new, high-tech jet at an air show, the team must determine if it was human or mechanical error.
NCIS: New Orleans
The NCIS team investigates when a Navy drone pilot is murdered after using a black market drone to obtain military surveillance.
NCIS: New Orleans
When an Australian Royal Navy Lieutenant is murdered in New Orleans, Special Agent Naomi Parsons (Kate Beahan) is sent to work with Special Agent Pride.
The team attempts to extract a pair of scientists trapped inside a failing and dangerous bio-dome designed for Mars.
After extinguishing a catastrophic tunnel fire, Team Scorpion helps Toby and Happy get to their wedding ceremony.
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