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1983 - Action
Movie poster: WarGames - 1983
A teen (Matthew Broderick) taps his computer into the NORAD missile-defense system and plays a video game, \"Global Thermonuclear War.\"
2005 - Comedy, Drama
Movie poster: The Squid and the Whale - 2005
A teenager (Jesse Eisenberg) and his younger brother cope with the fallout from their parents' (Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney) shattered marriage.
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2022 - Drama, Thriller
Movie poster: Infinite Storm - 2022
As an experienced climber ascends Mount Washington, she turns back before she reaches the summit as a huge blizzard approaches. However, on her way down, she encounters a stranded man and takes it upon herself to get them both down the mountain.
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2022 - Drama
A recently retired NFL player develops a strong bond with a homeless veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.
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1976 - Horror, Thriller
Movie poster: Carrie - 1976
A social misfit (Sissy Spacek) with psychic powers wreaks havoc at her prom to get even with pranksters.
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1999 - Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction
Movie poster: The Rage: Carrie 2 - 1999
After her best friend commits suicide, an unpopular girl (Emily Bergl) discovers she has telekinetic powers and uses them to seek revenge on her humiliators.
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2019 - Comedy, Drama
Movie poster: Zeroville - 2019
With two tattoos of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor on his shaved head, Vikar rides a bus into Hollywood and soon makes an impression on a beautiful actress -- thus beginning a dreamlike journey through the film business in the 1970s.
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2007 - Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Movie poster: Zodiac - 2007
Investigators and reporters become obsessed with finding the elusive serial killer terrorizing San Francisco in the late 1960s and '70s.
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2022 - Action, Thriller
Movie poster: Agent Game - 2022
A CIA officer becomes the target of a rendition operation after being the scapegoat for the death of an interrogation subject.
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2022 - Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Movie poster: Men - 2022
Harper retreats to the countryside to be alone in the wake of a tragedy, but her unease at the town's leering and uncannily similar men grows into a fully fledged nightmare as her arrival awakens something primal in the forest.
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Movie poster: Zack and Miri Make a Porno - 2008
Two lifelong friends (Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks) decide to make an adult film to solve their cash problems.
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1976 - Thriller
Movie poster: Marathon Man - 1976
The CIA and a Nazi death-camp dentist (Laurence Olivier) chase a New York graduate student (Dustin Hoffman).
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2015 - Crime, Thriller, Romance
Movie poster: Victoria - 2015
Four local Berliners recruit a thrill-seeking Spanish woman (Laia Costa) to be their getaway driver for a bank robbery.
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