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1994 - Comedy, Crime
Movie poster: Bullets Over Broadway - 1994
A producer (Jack Warden) persuades a playwright (John Cusack) to cast a mistress so that a mobster will back his show in 1920s New York.
Ralph Fiennes stars in a one-man show about playwright David Hare and his experience with COVID-19.
2017 - Drama, Fantasy
Movie poster: A Ghost Story - 2017
A passionate young couple, unexpectedly separated by a shocking loss, discover an eternal connection and a love that is infinite.
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2019 - Drama, Thriller
Movie poster: Mine 9 - 2019
Miners struggle to survive after an explosion leaves them trapped two miles underground.
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2021 - Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Movie poster: Lamb - 2021
In rural Iceland, a childless couple discover a strange and unnatural newborn in their sheep barn. They decide to raise her as their own, but sinister forces are determined to return the creature to the wilderness that birthed her.
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2020 - Horror
Movie poster: Unearth - 2020
The bond between two neighboring farm families is put to the test when one of them chooses to lease its land to a gas company. In the midst of this growing tension, the land is drilled and something long-dormant and terrifying is released.
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2022 - Mystery
Movie poster: Who Killed Cooper Dunn? - 2022
A weekend camping trip among six old friends in Minnesota's Boundry Waters turns tragic after one of them mysteriously dies, triggering further turmoil as they attempt to unmask the killer.
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2021 - Drama
Movie poster: The Souvenir Part II - 2021
An ambitious film student enters an intoxicating world of unpredictable romantic entanglements in 1980s London.
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2022 - Comedy, Romance, History
Movie poster: Mr. Malcolm
When a young woman gets rejected by London's most eligible bachelor, Mr. Malcolm, she convinces her friend to play the role of his ideal match. Soon, Mr. Malcolm wonders whether he's found the perfect woman or the perfect hoax.
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2017 - Drama, Comedy
Movie poster: Lady Bird - 2017
A teenager (Saoirse Ronan) navigates a loving but turbulent relationship with her strong-willed mother (Laurie Metcalf) over the course of an eventful and poignant senior year of high school.
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2013 - Drama, Crime
Movie poster: The Bling Ring - 2013
A teenager (Israel Broussard) and his gang of fame-obsessed youths (Katie Chang, Taissa Farmiga) use the Internet to track the whereabouts of celebrities, then rob their homes.
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2022 - Thriller
Movie poster: Panama - 2022
A defense contractor hires an ex-marine to go to Panama to complete an arms deal. In the process, he becomes involved in the U.S. invasion of Panama.
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2016 - War, Drama
Movie poster: The Exception - 2016
During World War II, a soldier (Jai Courtney) travels to a secluded mansion to investigate a mysterious German monarch. He soon finds himself entangled in a web of deceit while having a dangerous love affair with a local Jewish woman (Lily James).
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2021 - Thriller
Movie poster: Bull - 2021
Ten years after he was last seen, a vicious mob enforcer returns home to find his son and methodically track down the gang that double-crossed him. His quest for revenge soon leads to a savage showdown between his wife and her mob boss father.
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2022 - Drama, Romance
Movie poster: A Love Song - 2022
Faye is a lone traveler who bides her time fishing, birding and stargazing at a rural Colorado campground as she awaits the arrival of Lito, a figure from her past who's navigating his own tentative and nomadic journey across the rugged West.
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