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Cricket stages a crisis by letting skunks into the cafe, but it gets out of control; Nancy accidentally destroys Saxon, but Tilly mistakenly directs her wrath at Gramma.
Cricket earns a role in Big Coffee's new TV commercial but loses his confidence; Bill gets more than he bargained for when he trades in his pickup for a cutting-edge electric car.
Chip Whistler returns to take revenge on the Greens, but is forced to apologize; Andromeda and Tilly follow Gloria to a club where they must "cure" her of her amnesia.
Cricket and Remy play a contentious game of H-O-R-S-E on the hottest day of the year; in order to avoid punishment, Cricket must make his rational dad believe in aliens.
Bill gets addicted to a farm-simulating video game; Cricket's feral wild side takes over when Bill is unable to replicate their old camping trips.
Cricket treats his family to dinner, but Bill is suspicious about how he plans to pay for it; Tilly and Cricket battle to see if Bill lies about liking their Father's Day gifts.
Tilly searches the mall for a new look to reflect her maturity; Cricket persuades Bill to buy a farming robot to get out of chores.
Flashback: Young Bill will do whatever it takes to help keep the family farm in business; Tilly and Nancy enjoy Saxon's birthday at a fancy doll store.
Anne fakes getting sick to get off work, but the rest of the family gets sick; Sprig and Polly think their family history is boring until they uncover family secrets.
Anne gets a job at Stumpy's, then goes overboard turning the diner into a Thai restaurant; after a rent increase on the food stand, Anne convinces Hop Pop to sell Plantar's Potions.
When an ancient wizard gives Luz a map for a mystical quest, she wonders if she is actually a Chosen One.
Luz sneaks into the local magic school to help a friend and makes a new enemy in the process.
While Stan, Dipper, Mabel and Soos are falling in a bottomless pit, they tell stories to pass time.
When Mabel discovers that her favorite boy band is actually a bunch of imprisoned clones, she sets them free, only to decide on keeping them for herself; Dipper is convinced that Robbie plans to brainwash Wendy with a secret message.
Kiff and Barry investigate where Barry's brother goes when he skips class; Kiff and Barry get summer jobs at the city hall to help the citizens of Table Town in any way they can.
Kiff unleashes five forces of chaos; Helen is the only one who can help; Kiff needs to have a difficult discussion with Barry about finishing Martin's orange juice.
When Amity Blight's parents get Luz, Willow and Gus expelled from Hexside, Luz strikes a dangerous deal with them to get back into school.
Gavin ditches his traditional style of dueling to amp up his game against Nail.
Bashara is determined to battle the Dark Prince again, but Ranzo Kiyama arrives with a similar goal in mind; Bashara and Ranzo team up and challenge the Dark Prince.
A simple disagreement leads to a complex situation when Eda, King and Luz triple-down on a wager.
Luz experiences Grom, Hexside's version of prom, and it is not what she expects.
Dipper, Soos and Wendy must save Mabel from a strange new world; Bill's forces plan their next move.
Ford discovers Bill's true motives; a final confrontation with Bill leads to the Pines family's ultimate fate and greatest sacrifice.
When Irving's brother, Albert, calls Phineas and Ferb fakes, Buford and Baljeet pretend to be the boys so that Irving can prove Albert wrong; Candace runs a bust camp in her backyard to prep for busting Phineas and Ferb.
The boys' chameleon grows to a dinosaur's size; Phineas and Ferb put on a rodeo with robotic bulls.
Phineas and Ferb invent a pair of boots that make the wearer extraordinarily fast; the kids decide to create and race a giant hot air balloon.
When Gretel and her pet hamster -- named Hamster -- get superpowers, older brother Kevin must work with them to figure out how to protect their city from mysterious dangers.
Hamster and Gretel get superpowers from aliens while Kevin grapples with being superhero-adjacent; Kevin and Gretel disagree over how to stop a meteor.
Kevin and Gretel have to rescue Family Dinner Night; Gretel faces off against a lightning-powered cowboy as Dave struggles to get Carolina the perfect anniversary gift.
Bill goes out of his way to get on a neighbor's good side; Cricket must prove himself worthy to avoid losing his delivery job to a robot.
Cricket loses his hearing and keeps it a secret from Bill; the Greens go to a hipster drive-in movie, where Gloria proves her life is fun by taking the perfect SnapAGram photo.
Eda takes Luz to a magical place.
When King becomes a bestselling author, he learns a valuable lesson in reading the fine print.
Young twins Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive to spend their summer break with their uncle.
Dipper travels into the forest to battle the notorious Multi-Bear in a quest to attain manliness.
When the Greens visit BigTech, Tilly discovers a chance to improve her chaotic family; Cricket wins tickets to a show and must decide who to bring.
Cricket struggles to get the best birthday present for his best bud, Remy; due to a close call with a dirt bike, Cricket fearfully decides to live his life in shelter.
Chip Whistler tears down the buildings around the Green's house to build a Wholesome Foods store.
On New Year's Eve, Cricket insists on helping Gloria complete her resolution of approaching her longtime crush, Kevin; Cricket and Remy challenge Vasquez to a snowball fight; Tilly creates a snowperson.
Bill chaperones Cricket and Gabriella's first date; a disagreement between Cricket and Tilly turns into reality-TV-like entertainment for Gloria and Gramma.
Cricket tries to prove to Bill he can eat fast food for every meal; Tilly and Cricket debate whether the lives of people in Big City are connected.
After government agents take Stan into custody, Dipper and Mabel question how much they really know about their Grunkle Stan.
Pacifica enlists Dipper's help to rid the Northwest Mansion of a ghost.
The boys capture Candace, who is wrapped up like a mummy; Phineas and the Ferb-Tones become a one-hit wonder.
Phineas enters a thumb-wrestling contest with Buford; Candace tries out for the lead in her favorite play.
The boys scare Candace with a fake Bigfoot; Phineas and Ferb create treehouses for themselves and Candace.
Hamster and Gretel meet a cat villain and a horse man.
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