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As the detectives search for a racial motive in the slaying of a Chinese honor student, they receive a tip leading them to the boy's scholastic rival.
Following the murder of a councilman, Cerreta and Logan investigate a blackmail ring; Stone prosecutes a fellow lawyer.
While investigating the murder of a Wall Street mergers and acquisitions expert, Logan and Cerreta uncover a bank fraud scandal of international proportions.
Cerreta and Logan probe the murder of a fashion photographer who formed a call-girl service for washed-up models.
Stone and Robinette investigate the assassination of the leader of an African-American separatist movement.
A skillful defense attorney uses insanity as the defense for a college student who murdered his girlfriend.
A pacemaker manufacturer stands trial for murder after a wearer has a heart attack at the wheel and plows into a crowded park.
The bodies of two teen immigrants and a garment inspector found in the harbor point to sweatshop conditions.
An investigation begins when Dr. Olivet (Carolyn McCormick) says she was molested by her gynecologist.
Stone insists a shopkeeper's claim that he shot and killed two would-be robbers in self-defense is unacceptable because it is his second incident.
Cerreta is shot when his cover is blown during his investigation of a South American gun-smuggling operation.
Two police officers have different points of view after witnessing what appears to be a nonviolent discussion by a couple outside a bar.
A smuggler dies when a heroin packet bursts in her stomach; officials accuse her diplomat boss of murder.
When a Broadway director is accused of molesting his 5-year-old daughter, a social welfare activist abducts the child under the guise of protecting her.
When a wealthy older woman is found dead in her apartment, Briscoe and Logan determine she was the victim of a lovers quarrel with her younger boyfriend.
Briscoe and Logan investigate the death of a Holocaust survivor who discovered the man she married was accused of war crimes against fellow Jews in Poland.
Briscoe and Logan investigate the murder of a woman whose troubled fiance confesses to the crime, but insists his therapist forced him to do it.
Stone is forced to bring a mother to court after she is charged with murdering her drug-addicted daughter.
Indie's bounty-hunter mom uncovers the truth about her felon fiancé; Gabby's wedding dilemma.
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