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Marlon is tricked into signing a lease for a tenement apartment, then asks Shawn to help him get out of it.
Marlon's (Marlon Wayans) research for an audition leads to a homeless man (guest star Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) moving in with him.
Shawn (Shawn Wayans) worries that Pops (John Witherspoon) will embarrass him when he meets his rich girlfriend's father (guest star Tucker Smallwood).
Rapper Busta Rhymes (as himself) saves the day after Marlon and Shawn (Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans) lose money for Dee's (Anna Maria Horsford) church benefit.
Shawn and Marlon (Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans) go on "The Jerry Springer Show" and end up battling over Marlon's girlfriend (guest star Adriane Kelly). Jerry Springer also guest stars.
Shawn and Marlon (Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans) plot to keep Pops (John Witherspoon) from selling the family home by making it less marketable.
Pops (John Witherspoon) shows off his chili at a food festival, but he doesn't know its secret ingredient: dog food.
After Shawn (Shawn Wayans) is swindled by a business agent, Marlon (Marlon Wayans) takes an acting job to help his brother.
Jamie (Jamie Foxx) feels oppressed by Fancy's (Garcelle Beauvais) decorative touches after he moves into a penthouse apartment.
Jamie steals a jingle from his best friend in order to end his dry spell while keeping his managerial position.
An accident on the basketball court lands Jamie's buddy Andre (Bill Bellamy) in the hospital without insurance.
Conflict arises between Jamie and Fancy over each other's place in the relationship.
Jamie (Jamie Foxx) convinces his new investment group to invest all its money in a doughnut lounge. With Garcelle Beauvais. Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs guest stars.
Jamie cajoles the rappers Method Man and Redman into finishing an overdue jingle by promising them both dates with Nicole.
Jamie (Jamie Foxx) is inspired to pursue his singing career again after performing with Nicole (guest star Rhona L. Bennett) at a nightclub. With Garcelle Beauvais.
Overton (John Henton) gambles the money for a new bed; Regine (Kim Field Freeman) can't handle Mr. Perfect's (Kristoff St. John) obsession with his dog.
Max (Erika Alexander) schemes to seduce her former law professor (guest star Harry J. Lennix) but finds out that Khadijah (Queen Latifah) knew him intimately. With Kim Fields Freeman and Kim Coles.
Khadijah (Queen Latifah) dreams she is in a '60s music group called the Flavorettes with Overton (John Henton) as their producer. Guest star: Chaka Khan.
Regine meets "Mr. Right" when she caters the millionaire's charity event; Khadijah crashes the party.
A bike messenger whom Khadijah (Queen Latifah) reluctantly hired as a writer tries to scoop the competition. With Kim Fields Freeman.
Overton (John Henton) and his friends pick up a dangerous hitchhiker (guest star Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins) on the way to a college football game. With Erika Alexander, Kim Fields Freeman, Kim Coles and Queen Latifah.
Will (Will Smith) becomes better acquainted with his girlfriend's father (John Witherspoon) after their plane crashes. Guest star: Cree Summer.
Uncle Phil's (James Avery) former girlfriend (guest star Pam Grier) visits; Hilary (Karyn Parsons) auditions to be a talk show host.
Will (Will Smith) is asked by newlyweds Jazz and Jewel (Jeffrey A. Townes, guest star Karen Malina White) to be a donor when they can't conceive.
Will's father (guest star Ben Vereen) shows up in Bel-Air after a 14-year absence. With Will Smith.
Will (Will Smith) becomes Ashley's (Tatyana M. Ali) manager after discovering her talent for singing. With James Avery.
Movie: Don
A Los Angeles teen (Shawn Wayans) with an irresponsible father seeks guidance from a cousin (Marlon Wayans) whose weapons color-coordinate with his sneakers.
2017 - Comedy
Movie: Fist Fight - 2017
Fired from his teaching job for losing his cool, a disgruntled man (Ice Cube) challenges the colleague (Charlie Day) who snitched on him to a fight after school.
Marlon's (Marlon Wayans) new role as the breadwinner goes to his head, making life miserable for Shawn (Shawn Wayans).
Shawn steps in to manage a better deal for Marlon on his sitcom.
Pops (John Witherspoon) challenges a politician (guest star Ronnie Schell) running for councilman and insists on avoiding a mudslinging campaign.
Pops (John Witherspoon) feuds with his restaurant rival, Rick (guest star Earl Billings), while Shawn (Shawn Wayans) romances Rick's daughter, J'Leeta (guest star Tracey Cherelle Jones).
Shawn (Shawn Wayans) faces a dilemma upon learning that Marlon's (Marlon Wayans) new girlfriend (guest star Angelle Brooks) has a bad reputation.
Shawn starts an escort service employing his male friends and family.
Shawn and Dee (Shawn Wayans, Anna Maria Horsford) get together at a concert by Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, for dancing and more.
Shawn (Shawn Wayans) suspects Marlon's (Marlon Wayans) new movie-star friend is having a bad influence on his brother.
Shawn and Marlon scheme to find a way to protect Dee from the con artist she is falling in love with.
Shawn's (Shawn Wayans) landlady (Adrienne Barbeau) makes a pass at him and Shawn must decide how to deal with the unwanted attention.
Will (Will Smith) begins to realize how expendable he is when Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali) develops a big ego. With James Avery.
Will (Will Smith) blows his top when Nicky's favorite TV character (Monty Hoffman) refuses to appear at a mall. With Ross Bagley.
Will's date falls for Carlton; Philip and Hilary teach Ashley to drive.
Will (Will Smith) is sent to the backwoods of Alabama by the FBI's Witness Protection Program. With James Avery.
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