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Mike & Molly
Carl and Mike visit a psychic; Peggy takes Molly to her church to pray for something they've been waiting to receive.
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob and Squidward take a delivery to a dreaded town where the laws of logic no longer apply; SpongeBob can't stop biting his nails, but he also can't figure out why.
PAW Patrol
Yumi's new Robo-Corn Plucker goes haywire, and Ryder and the PAW Patrol must get it under control; Daring Danny X, dressed as a "Bird X" mascot, gets carried away by a couple of eagles.
PAW Patrol
Rubble finds an old, brass jack-in-the-box with a genie inside who grants him three wishes; Francois Turbot prepares to walk a tightrope between the top of the bridge and the lookout tower.
PAW Patrol
Yumi's Yummy Honey is all the buzz when it -- and her beehive -- go missing from her farm; Mayor Goodway's purse disappears, along with its precious cargo, Chickaletta.
PAW Patrol
The PAW Patrol must rescue Cap'n Turbot and Francois' Grandma Tilly after she rides off on a dolphin; Carlos and Tracker call the PAW Patrol to help solve the mystery of a rumbling sound that is upsetting the jungle elephants.
PAW Patrol
Mayor Humdinger swipes Francois' water-walking shoes and ends up trapped in a pit-like turtle nest; the pups spring into action when a nearby volcano erupts.
PAW Patrol
Cap'n Turbot's boat gets frozen in the Arctic ice; the pups use the Sea Patroller to help guide a lost narwhal back home.
PAW Patrol
Ryder and the pups must help get a surprise birthday cake up to Jake's cabin; the PAW Patrol must come to the rescue when Alex and Daring Danny X snowboard toward Risky Ridge.
PAW Patrol
When Santa's Sleigh crashes and the reindeer run off, Ryder and the Paw Patrol have to help Santa finish delivering presents and save Christmas.
Face's SuperSnowtacular Holiday Special
Face is hosting a big party, and this one is a celebration of all their friends at Nick Jr.; lots of characters visit and sing songs the children know and love.
PAW Patrol
Chickaletta and Roosterio run away from a chicken show and get stuck on top of a runaway drone; When Bettina wanders up Jake's mountain and gets caught in a snowstorm, it's up to the Paw Patrol to bring her safely down.
PAW Patrol
When Mayor Humdinger's trash-compacting truck messes up the beach, Rocky's new Re-Use It Truck comes to the rescue; when a gift of armor for the Princess gets scattered all over town, Rocky uses his Re-Use It Truck to put the armor back together.
PAW Patrol
When Francois accidentally crashes his diving bell, the PAW Patrol must rescue him; when Wingnut's junk pile and Oscar go missing at the same time, Chase and team are called in to solve the mystery.
Blaze and the Monster Machines
Every truck in town lines up for hot chocolate during a snowy day in Axle City, but when Crusher tries to take all the hot chocolate for himself, Blaze is in hot pursuit to get it back.
Blaze and the Monster Machines
On Christmas Eve, Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle help Santa ready his sleigh for delivery; when Crusher discovers he won't get a present, Blaze offers to help him do good deeds..
PAW Patrol
When Mayor Humdinger's giant neon sign of himself gets loose, the PAW Patrol must stop it from rolling through town.
PAW Patrol
The PAW Patrol works to free a bat family after a rock slide traps them inside their cave; snowboarders on Jake's Mountain become stuck on a broken chairlift while a monster is on the loose.
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
2015 - Family, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Animation
Movie: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - 2015
Perpetual adversaries SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) and Plankton (Mr. Lawrence) join forces and come ashore to battle a pirate (Antonio Banderas) who has plans for the stolen Krabby Patties recipe.
Monster High
To discover the cause of her mother's disappearance, Clawdeen opens a portal in the catacombs and releases her brother Clawd.
A Loud House Christmas
2021 - Family, Comedy
Movie: A Loud House Christmas - 2021
Realizing his family may be apart for Christmas, Lincoln Loud enlists the help of his best friend, Clyde McBride, to ensure that the entire Loud family celebrate the holidays together.
The Really Loud House
Lincoln dreams of having a cool older brother, and Lisa invents Ro-Bro for him; Ro-Bro is a blast until he bullies Clyde, and Lincoln realizes he has everything he needs in his brother from two other fathers, Clyde McBride.
The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder
While Wanda and Cosmo are off in Fairy World, Roy and Viv use Da Wish App to grant their wishes, until they inadvertently unleash a horde of zombies in their home on Hornet Day.
NFL Slimetime
The end zones become the slime zone as former NFL player-turned-TV host Nate Burleson presents weekly NFL highlights like they've never been seen before.
SpongeBob SquarePants
When his clarinet goes missing, Squidward must become a hard-boiled detective to track it down; Squidward sends SpongeBob and Patrick on an increasingly difficult scavenger hunt to get them out of his hair.
Joey and Chandler decide to baby-sit and use Ben as a way to pick up women; Phoebe loses her job singing at Central Perk.
A drunken Rachel leaves a phone message for Ross that may change their relationship; Chandler regrets asking Monica to help him lose weight.
Phoebe, hoping for a Christmas family reunion, travels to upstate New York in search of her biological father.
After deciding to give up acting, Joey is offered a role in a soap opera; Rachel dates a guy named Russ.
Ross helps put Carol and Susan's wedding plans back on track; Rachel's mother announces shocking new plans.
Joey starts dating a fan (Brooke Shields) who is gorgeous, but soon discovers that she's also crazy; Ross is reminded how much he misses his pet monkey and travels to the San Diego Zoo to find out what has happened to him.
Ross (David Schwimmer) catches up with Marcel on the set of a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme; Chandler gets a date with a girl he liked in fourth grade.
Monica's parents drop off some childhood keepsakes including her prom video.
Ross and Rachel become more than just friends; Monica caters a party for a dashing older doctor (Tom Selleck).
Everyone at Monica's dad's birthday party finds it amusing that their middle-aged friend (Tom Selleck) is dating a woman in her 20s until Monica's parents learn that it is their daughter; Chandler and Joey argue over a dirty spoon.
With Joey in his new apartment, Chandler gets a troublesome new roommate (Adam Goldberg); Phoebe makes a video for "Smelly Cat"; Ross and Monica find it nearly impossible to live together.
Joey's comments in a magazine for soap-opera fans could mean the end of his role on "Days of our Lives."
Chandler wants his annoying new roommate (Adam Goldberg) to move out; Joey is facing some exorbitant bills; the girls learn from a book about personal empowerment.
Monica's boyfriend proves to be the life of the party when he attends a basketball game with Chandler and Joey.
Mike & Molly
When Mike and Molly bring their loved ones together for a significant event, they reflect on everything that brought them to this moment.
Mike & Molly
Teacher Molly Flynn invites officer Mike Biggs to speak to her fourth-grade class after becoming smitten with him at an Overeaters' Anonymous meeting.
Mike & Molly
When Molly gets a cold before her first date with Mike, she takes cold medicine to feel better.
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