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Princess O'Rourke
1943 - Comedy, Romance
Movie: Princess O
A down-to-earth pilot (Robert Cummings) charms a European princess (Olivia de Havilland) on vacation in the United States.
1971 - Western, Comedy
Movie: Catlow - 1971
A friendly marshal (Richard Crenna) and a hired gun (Leonard Nimoy) hunt a post-Civil War drifter (Yul Brynner) out to rob $2 million in federal gold.
Dirty Dingus Magee
1970 - Comedy, Western
Movie: Dirty Dingus Magee - 1970
Two outlaws (Frank Sinatra, George Kennedy) vie for a stolen strongbox around Indians, cavalry and the mayor/madam (Anne Jackson) of Yerkey's Hole, N.M.
The Ballad of Cable Hogue
1970 - Comedy, Western, Action
Movie: The Ballad of Cable Hogue - 1970
A bushwhacked prospector (Jason Robards) teams up with a prostitute (Stella Stevens) to turn a water hole into an oasis.
The Cheyenne Social Club
1970 - Action, Comedy, Western
Movie: The Cheyenne Social Club - 1970
Two cowboys (James Stewart, Henry Fonda) ride from Texas to Wyoming to claim an inheritance which turns out to be a brothel.
There Was a Crooked Man
1970 - Western
Movie: There Was a Crooked Man - 1970
A killer convict (Kirk Douglas) betrays the new warden (Henry Fonda) of an Arizona territorial prison.
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
1972 - Western
Movie: The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean - 1972
A small-time outlaw takes over a town by dispensing his own form of justice and confiscating property for court costs.
The Killers
1946 - Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Movie: The Killers - 1946
An insurance investigator (Edmond O'Brien) finds a woman (Ava Gardner) behind an ex-boxer's (Burt Lancaster) murder.
The Hucksters
1947 - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Movie: The Hucksters - 1947
A World War II veteran (Clark Gable) rejoins Madison Avenue and plays dirty for a ruthless soap tycoon (Sydney Greenstreet).
The Bribe
1949 - Crime, Drama, Thriller
Movie: The Bribe - 1949
A federal agent (Robert Taylor) loves a smuggler's cafe-singer wife (Ava Gardner) while busting an island war-surplus racket.
East Side, West Side
1949 - Drama, Romance
Movie: East Side, West Side - 1949
A New Yorker's (James Mason) mistress (Ava Gardner) drives his wife (Barbara Stanwyck) to a war hero; then someone kills the mistress.
We Were Dancing
1942 - Comedy, Romance
Movie: We Were Dancing - 1942
A Polish princess (Norma Shearer) runs out on her fiance (Lee Bowman) at their engagement party.
Ghosts on the Loose
1943 - Comedy
Movie: Ghosts on the Loose - 1943
The East Side Kids uncover a nest of Nazi spies when they set out to renovate a supposedly haunted house.
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