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The summer melt of Arctic ice provides opportunities for millions of animals, but grave dangers for others, including polar bears.
An amazing look at the annual return of millions of salmon to the streams where they were born; the survival of North American grizzly bears depends on this natural event.
Picard's nemesis, Q, claiming to have lost his powers, appears on the Enterprise; some of Q's enemies arrive to take advantage of his vulnerable state.
A widow accuses Riker of seducing her and killing her husband, a respected scientist; the crew constructs a holodeck simulation to show the events from the perspectives of all the participants.
An Enterprise from the past breaks through a time rift, altering the course of history; Guinan is the only one that senses that the timeline has been altered.
When Data creates an android offspring, Starfleet wishes to separate the two androids, and an admiral arrives to remove her from his care.
Worf and his brother Kurn defend their family honor when the Klingon high council accuses their late father of treason.
Aliens spirit Picard off the Enterprise and imprison him with three other hostages; a replica takes the captain's place, but his unusual behavior soon arouses suspicions.
While vacationing on a resort planet, Picard tangles with Ferengi, Vorgons and a duplicitous woman, all searching for a weapon from the future.
An enigmatic life-form and the Betazoid that it communicates with draw the Federation and the Romulans into an explosive situation.
La Forge must help a shy lieutenant integrate into his engineering team when he discovers the man shirking his responsibilities and retreating into the holodeck to live out his fantasies.
The stabbing death of a gang leader in a prison scuffle has Briscoe and Green looking at both inmates and corrections officers as possible suspects.
A murder suspect flees to Israel and may be protected from extradition by Israel's Law of Return.
A former Black Panther accused of murdering a Caucasian police officer questions Detective Green's integrity while a politically charged trial ensues.
The detectives uncover new evidence implicating a wealthy scion in the murder of a teenage girl 20 years earlier.
The beating death of a youth hockey coach leads Briscoe and Green to suspect a player with an inclination for rough play.
A charming real-estate broker accused of murder defends himself and manages to get key evidence thrown out of the trial.
Several animal rights activists are under suspicion when an AIDS researcher performing tests on primates is murdered in the lab.
2012 - Action, Science Fiction, Adventure, Thriller
Movie: Total Recall - 2012
A factory worker (Colin Farrell) becomes a hunted man after a procedure goes awry that would convert his dreams of life as a spy into real memories.
Vulcan ambassador Sarek becomes temperamental while on the Enterprise with his wife; Picard must mind-meld with the venerable Vulcan to soothe his emotional outbursts.
After Lwaxana spurns a DaiMon's affections, the Ferengi kidnap Riker and the Trois from Betazed; Picard must act the part of Lwaxana's scorned lover to secure their freedom.
The Enterprise crew saves a badly injured humanoid who possesses remarkable powers, but danger follows behind him.
A giant kelp forest hosts a diverse marine ecology in Monterey Bay, Calif., balanced by the sea otter.
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