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A dispossessed Korean family and a girl with a GI baby cause problems for the 4077th.
For a few days the 4077th has no casualties, but when the fighting picks up, it is back to business as usual.
Hawkeye and Trapper "persuade" Frank not to request a dishonorable discharge for a wounded homosexual soldier.
After the mail comes, Trapper makes plans to desert, and Frank rearranges his stock portfolio.
The 4077th complicates the endeavors of two secret agents investigating each other.
A new area commander scares everyone in the 4077th with his militarism.
Casualties keep Hawkeye and Trapper from a leave in Tokyo.
When an aging trapeze artist's (Cesar Romero) pretty assistant shows interest in Little Joe, her fiance challenges him to a fight.
Matt is sentenced to life imprisonment and hard labor for shooting a fugitive.
A preacher (David Wayne) from the East wants to build a church to be shared by Indians and townspeople.
A wild stallion ruins the dreams of two broncobusters intent on trying to raise money for a Montana ranch.
A Basque youth (Robert Urich) is shunned for refusing to prove his manhood by fighting his father (Nehemiah Persoff).
A mountain man (Howard Morris) is upset after the Army rejects him.
A preacher urges the residents of Mayberry to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
Aunt Bee is the unwilling object of matrimony when mountaineer Briscoe Darling courts her.
Gomer moves in with Andy when he loses his job and home at the gas station.
A secret shipment of gold headed for Fort Knox passes through town.
Opie seems in line for a new bicycle when he comes home with a perfect report card.
Everything goes astray when Robert starts dating a woman half his age.
While celebrating Thanksgiving, Debra discovers that her seemingly contented parents are miserable with each other.
Ray can't help but enjoy the extra attention his mother lavishes on him when he feels under the weather.
Ray buys Debra an extravagant gift, hoping she'll be so overjoyed that she'll let him take a golf trip.
Ray tries to prove to everyone that he can be counted on after failing to help Debra when she chokes.
Ray's excitement over being sent to the Super Bowl is tempered by the fact that he has to choose a companion.
Ray feels violated after discovering that his mother used to read his private diary when he was a kid.
Ray and Debra (Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton) endure an excruciating Valentine's Day dinner that was supposed to be romantic.
When Doug gets caught in a lie to avoid going to the opera, he and Carrie decide to be honest with each other in the future.
A relative rivalry erupts after Doug reluctantly helps get his cousin Danny promoted to driver at IPS; Holly accidentally insults Arthur.
Carrie can't stop buying expensive clothes, and then taking them back to the shops within a few days. Meanwhile, Spence's new girlfriend is so afraid of his dog she tells him to decide who he wants, the dog or her.
After discovering that Arthur and his estranged half brother, Skitch (guest star Shelley Berman), inherited their aunt's home 10 years ago, Doug hatches a plan to reunite the siblings and get them to move in together.
Carrie discovers Doug's parents have shielded him from the truth for years by replacing his dog with look-alikes.
Ray becomes overdramatic after learning that Debra is comfortable with the twins performing as fairies in a school play.
Robert gets a surprise visit from the woman he fell in love with when the Barones vacationed in Italy.
When Violet feels nervous about becoming a mom, Christy plans a baby shower for her; Bonnie lands a new client.
Bonnie and Christy help Regina tie up loose ends before she goes to prison; Alvin gets acquainted with his grandchildren.
Bonnie and Christy try to ensure that everything goes smoothly when Violet finds a couple to adopt her baby.
Barry goes to work at the furniture store with Murray; Adam and Pops struggle to keep the fact that they watched an R-rated movie from Beverly.
Barry and Adam bond over the discovery of a TV channel; Beverly involves herself in her father's dating life.

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